Ivan Casamassima Ivan Casamassima

Ivan Casamassima

Ivan is Managing Director and Co-Founder of EBO Partners.

Since founding EBO in 2008, she has built it into a highly respected and sought-after consulting firm, offering a model of consulting service that very few of its peers are able to replicate, achieving tangible results for all its clients within a short amount of time.

Ivan has been in the luxury interiors industry for the last 25 years across the United States, Greater China and Europe, amassing a unique and in-depth understanding of various markets that include the U.S., U.K., Eastern and Western Europe, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, the Middle-East, and the Pacific Rim.

She has assisted various clients in the restructuring of their organizations, resulting in the improvement of their operations, sales performances, human capital development, and retention, as well as the development of their leadership teams.

Ivan has also successfully helped numerous U.S., European, and Asian clients in the luxury product industries to develop and implement market-entry and growth strategies in various markets, leading to the establishment of sustainable and continued presence and growth path in these markets.

Prior to founding EBO Partners, Ivan was the Senior Vice President of Sales at Donghia, Inc. in New York City.

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Nick Lim Nick Lim

Nick Lim

Nick is Co-Founder of EBO Partners.

Having spent the vast majority of the last 25 years in the private equity, investment banking, venture capital and hedge fund industries, Nick advises EBO’s clients on their financial and investment plans as well as their merger and/or acquisition strategies.

Prior to his role as the Managing Director of a private equity fund in China from 2007 to 2014, Nick was an investment banker in New York City and received his MBA from the University of Chicago.

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Silver Xiao Silver Xiao

Silver Xiao

Silver Xiao is EBO’s former Project Director at EBO Partners, having been with EBO since its founding in 2008. Since 2019, she remains closely associated with the EBO team, acting as the company China and Asia partner, supporting the company on selected projects and contacts in this region.

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Sara Carletti Sara Carletti

Sara Carletti

Sara is a Consultant at EBO Partners and has been with the firm since 2012.

Since then, Sara has developed a broad range of expertise in, and in-depth knowledge of, the luxury product industries, in areas that include product portfolio, marketing strategy, as well as sales and distribution, particularly within China, key Asian markets, and the U.S.

With her language skills, Sara also serves as a key bridge between EBO’s clients and their operations worldwide. She is a native Italian speaker and has a near-native command of written and spoken Chinese and English.

Sara has a Master’s Degree in Teaching Chinese from Nanjing University as well as Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees in Far East Languages and Cultures from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.
Sara lived in China for 10 years from 2008 to 2018.

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